Tile background wall maintenance


The ceramic tiles are fragile. First of all, let's understand the construction process of the ceramic tile background wall.

(1) According to the order of numbers: the whole tile background wall is composed of several tiles, and the back is marked with numbers. Put the whole picture together before paving , Paste them in order to avoid misposting.

(2) Use building material adhesives: Due to the special material of porcelain plates, ordinary cement is not suitable for paving. It is recommended to use building materials adhesives with quality assurance.

(3) Paste from bottom to top: Porcelain plate should be pasted from bottom to top first. Support the paving adhesive with an object before it has solidified;

(4) Polish and open the hole to prevent cracking: If you need to sand, do not use too much force, you need to open it For holes, choose glass drills to drill. Other drills are easy to cause damage. Just tighten the screws. Overtightening will cause cracks.

(5) Careful maintenance: tile background wall, Generally, you only need to wipe it off with a clean water rag, especially for colored painted carved bricks, avoid using acid-base lotion.

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