Tile grade


The nationally accepted ceramic tile grade marks are not AA or AAA.

The country classifies ceramic tiles according to high-quality products and first-class products.

The country is divided into A, B, C, etc. on the radioactivity of ceramic tiles.

Among them, the unrestricted scope of application is Class A, which can be used in various places of home decoration. Therefore, the environmental performance of indoor floor tiles must be guaranteed to meet Class A standards. Main distinction: According to national environmental protection standards, the radioactivity level of decorative materials is divided into three categories.

1. Class A decoration materials, decoration materials The radionuclides radium-226, thorium-232, and potassium-40 have specific activities that meet the requirements of I Ra≤1.0 and Ir≤1.3 are Class A decoration materials. The scope of production, marketing and use of Class A decorative materials is not restricted.

2. Class B decoration materials, which do not meet the requirements of Class A decoration materials but must meet the requirements of I Ra≤1.3 and IY≤1.9 are Class B decoration materials. Class B decoration materials cannot be used for the interior surfaces of Class I civil buildings, but can be used on the exterior surfaces of Class I civil buildings and the interior and exterior surfaces of all other buildings, as well as other outdoor uses.

3. Class C decoration materials. Those that meet the requirements of Class A and Class B decoration materials but meet the requirements of Ir≤2.8 are Class C decoration materials. Class C decoration materials can only be used for building exterior surfaces and other outdoor uses. .

The national standard for the radioactivity of ceramic tiles is: GB6566-2001.

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