Tile maintenance and cleaning


For the dirt like white floor tiles, it is better to wipe with a dry cloth than with a damp cloth; after wiping with a damp cloth, moisture will remain, and the surface will become dirty. Wipe with a dry cloth, the more you wipe it, the brighter it is; for ink, Rust, animal and vegetable oils, coffee, beer, etc. can be removed with detergent, washing powder, etc. Some brands are equipped with special cleaning agents for better cleaning results. After waxing the wooden floor in the bedroom, the mop cannot be used directly to clean the tiles. After the dirt is waxed, it will easily contaminate the tiles and be difficult to remove. Generally, the sales staff of the manufacturer must use a professional cleaning agent.

1. If there is rust stains, you can drop the fresh lemon juice on the rust stains and rub it repeatedly, then wash it off with soapy water. If fresh lemon is not available, vitamin C tablets can also be used instead.

2, if it is stained with soy sauce, vinegar, etc., you can use toilet cleaner.

3. If the ink penetrates, try toothpaste.

4. Tea, ice cream, beer and other stains can be removed with a soda ash solution such as sodium hydroxide or potassium bicarbonate. When handling, use a brush instead of steel wire balls, otherwise it will scratch the surface of the tiles, and it will be difficult to deal with stains.

Maintenance points

(1) If the surface is scratched by burning, it can be lightly sanded with fine sandpaper. Then apply back cover agent and polish to restore the original shape.

(2) For daily cleaning of ceramic tiles, you can use a normal mop to wipe the floor like a concrete floor, and then wipe the water with a dry cloth.

(3) Generally, polish once every 3-6 months (just once).

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