Tile style classification


Fashionable and lively

Porcelain glazed tiles have always been traditional products in the ceramic tile market. Under the constant impact of fashion trends, glazed tiles that were originally mainly white and beige or decorated with simple lines Start upgrading. On the market, fashionable, bright and simple porcelain glazed tiles and metallic glazed tiles have replaced traditional glazed tiles, presenting a completely different decorative style. Natural, simple, rugged, elegant, or retro, with different styles and genres of glazed tiles, leading to different popular styles of home decoration, so they are favored by many young people.

Applicable areas: living room, bathroom, kitchen.

Retro popular

Compared with traditional tiles, antique tiles are undoubtedly a 'dark horse' in the market, and they have become a type of flooring products with different styles in the tile market. The reporter learned from the Daming Palace and other integrated home building materials markets that, influenced by the retro home decoration style, metal-glazed sheepskin tiles have been the product of antique tiles since last year. This kind of antique sheepskin tile has the coldness of metal glaze and the softness and exquisiteness of sheepskin. It is laid on the ground without the cold feeling of traditional tiles. The deep and gray retro tone creates a classic atmosphere that is different from the past. Many owners who buy large apartments and villas like to choose antique tiles to spread in the hall, living room and other areas to show the owner's taste in life.

Big bricks are in power

In addition to upgraded glazed tiles and the emergence of antique tiles, polished tiles with continuous technological innovation are also one of the mainstream products in the Xi'an ceramic tile market. As manufacturers continue to compete in technology, the texture of polished tiles is getting closer and closer to stone, and many polished tiles have both the transparency of jade and the texture of stone. In addition, new breakthroughs have been continuously made in the quality indicators of ceramic tiles such as finish, stain resistance, slip resistance, wear resistance, and water absorption. In terms of specifications, large-area polished tiles are popular because they can extend the space. In terms of color, white and beige in the light-colored series are still popular styles.

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