Tiles are more 'colorful' and more attractive


Today, Minmetals is sharing tiles u0026 colors. We see too many ordinary products, and then we should design a more dull space. In fact, as long as you add a little bit of color, you can grasp everything about youthful life in simple language.

The pattern is plain and the color is regular, but it is not easy to make it well.

Black and white ash + log is a classic match

China Minmetals Polished Brick 8R05

White+Black+Wood+Monochrome Popular Color (Low Purity)

White+Large Area Auxiliary Color+Decoration Color+Goldu0026Black< /p>

Minmetals fully polished glazed tile 9B6600

White+grey+black+embellished color

Minmetals diamond tile 85102

grey+white +Contrasting color (medium and high purity)

Minmetals marble tiles

Gray and white classic color tone

Main color + contrast color (medium purity) + embellishment color

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