Tiles laid like this are more beautiful than carpets but better to take care of!


Tiles are laid like this, more beautiful than carpets but better to take care of!

Lay the tiles like this

More beautiful than carpets

Easily solve the problem of dirty and difficult carpets

You deserve to have Minmetals floor tiles

1. The mosaic tiles of the same style are simple and generous on the whole and suitable for different spaces


Minmetals Floor Tiles

2. Mix and match different patterns The color wind blends the favorite patterns together. From novel ideas to rich textures, it beats the orthodox carpet.

3. The same type of ceramic tiles are used on the ground to connect up and down to create a subtle sense of interaction in the three-dimensional space. Only a single wall and part of it will look better.

This Minmetals floor tile is also good!

4. Add a lace to make a big difference. Try to add a circle of lace to the periphery of the tiles. It’s instantly beautiful to interpret the exotic BOHO STYLE

< /p>5. Geometric bricks such as hexagons and quadrilaterals are used for carpet paving. Not only the shapes are more variable, but also the colors can be matched to create a free and casual space.

6 For patients with severe lazy cancer, you can choose a set of tiles with different sizes and patterns. Use waved lines and tiles to easily create an expensive carpet style.


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