Tiles, waistline paving, better wall decoration!


The tiles and waist line are mainly used to decorate the tile paving, mainly at the height of the wall about 0.6-1.2m. Although it is only a small area of u200bu200bdecoration, it cannot be ignored when paving. The method of paving is the same as that of ceramic tiles. The process is indispensable and even more demanding.

1. The pre-laying of tiles and waistline is carried out to ensure that the pattern and the vertical direction are correct.

2. Use high-quality cement sand to make the tiles and waistline stronger. The cement sand is made of river sand, which has more water content, and the paving effect will be better.

3. When laying a tile or waist line, ensure that the position is correct. It determines the position of the tile and waist line on the wall. If there is an error, it may cause The paving of the whole wall is wrong, inclined, etc.

4. Arrange the non-whole bricks at angles and corners, and then seal them with sealant so as not to affect the overall appearance of the wall. When laying decals and waist lines, you must pay attention to these details. Once a small flaw appears, it will affect the decorative effect of the entire wall, so you must make preparations before paving, or all efforts It will be ruined.

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