Time display and temperature display function in LED bathroom mirror

Among the LED hotel toiletries suppliersmirrors, the more sci-fi functions are the time display and temperature display, as well as the functions of music and TV. Today, I will take you to understand the time and temperature display function in this LED bathroom mirror. The LED bathroom cbm mirror added with this function can also be called a multifunctional hotel toiletries suppliersmirror or a time-temperature display bathroom mirror. It displays the instant time and indoor temperature through the Bluetooth display on the mirror. One thing to note is that the temperature displayed on the LED mirror is not the same as the weather forecast and the temperature displayed on your mobile phone. It displays the indoor temperature, which will display different values u200bu200baccording to the changes in your indoor temperature. The number on the right side of the display is the room temperature, and the number on the bottom left of the display is the current time.
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