Tips for choosing a toilet

The toilet is a durable consumer sanitary ware. Don't blindly seek fashion and cheapness and buy products with more quality problems. In this case, the troubles are endless. So are there any tips when choosing a toilet? The heavier the toilet, the better, the weight of an ordinary toilet is about 50 kg, and a good toilet is about 100 kg. A heavy toilet has a higher density and a better quality. A simple way to test the weight of the toilet: pick up the water tank cover with both hands, you can weigh the weight of it. Try to have one drain hole at the bottom of the toilet. Nowadays, many brands have 2-3 drain holes (according to different calibers), but the more drain holes, the more it affects the momentum. Pay attention to the glazed surface of the toilet. The glazed surface of a good-quality toilet should be smooth and smooth without blistering and saturated in color. After inspecting the outer surface of the glaze, you should also touch the toilet drain, if it is rough, it will easily cause hanging in the future. Large-diameter sewage pipes with glaze on the inner surface are not easy to get dirty, and the sewage is discharged quickly and powerfully, which can effectively prevent blockage. The test method is to put the whole hand into the toilet mouth. Generally, it is most suitable to have a palm capacity. Flushing method: 1) The straight flush toilet uses the impulse of the water flow to discharge the stool. Generally, the pool wall is relatively steep and the water storage area is small, so that the hydraulic power is concentrated, and the falling water around the toilet circle is increased, and the flushing efficiency is increased. high. 2) The structure of the siphon toilet is that the drainage pipe is '∽' type. After the drainage pipe is filled with water, a certain water level difference will occur. The suction force generated by the flushing water in the sewage pipe in the toilet will drain the stool. The flushing and discharging of the toilet does not rely on the impulse of the water flow, so the water surface in the pool is larger and the flushing noise is less. Instructions for use: 1) Most bacteria in the toilet toilet should be washed. 2) Clean the dirt in the hotel toilet supplier in time. 3) Try not to set up a waste paper basket next to the toilet.
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