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Tips for cleaning stainless steel faucets as new

by:CBM     2021-06-18
1. Scrub with toothpaste. Put the toothpaste on the faucet, moisten it with a scouring pad, and scrub in a circular motion. Because there are many small particles in the toothpaste, it is equivalent to a very small sandpaper.

2. Scrub with flour or starch. The method is the same as above.

3. Use a dish cloth or a general rag dipped in clean porcelain powder to wipe it as bright as new.

4. There is a detergent specially designed to remove water stains from stainless steel products in the washing area of u200bu200bthe supermarket. The package says 'stainless steel'. The size and appearance are similar to those of general oily detergents, and they are also spray-packaged.

5. Use orange peel to hit the metal surface (because orange peel contains fruit acid to maintain stainless steel jewelry), it can also make it shiny as new.

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