Tips for paving tile background wall


1. The vacant places before paving are stitched together according to the numbers at the bottom of the bricks.

2. The product must be placed vertically before and after unpacking, and should not be placed horizontally.

3. Open the package, and be careful not to scratch the corners of the bricks to the patterns on other bricks when moving the single piece.

4. Try to avoid friction between two bricks when moving a single piece, even though the surface is covered with a protective film.

5. Before paving, check the firmness of the wall according to the specific adhesion method and the requirements of the adhesive. If the strength is not reached, it needs to be broken and reinforced.

6. Do not remove the protective film before installation.

7. In order to avoid scratching the pattern on the brick surface, when applying adhesive on the back of the product, place the front of the product on a softer material such as foam, paper or cloth. operating.

8. When paving, it is necessary to hit the product with a wooden board on the surface, and not directly use the paving tool to hit the brick surface.

9. Do not use too much force when filling in, so as not to scratch the screen of the product.

10. It is recommended not to remove the protective film after all the adhesion is completed. After the decoration of the entire space is completed, the protective film is completely removed when the whole is cleaned.

11. When tearing off the protective film, first slowly pull the four sides Pull up the protective film, and then slowly tear off the protective film from either side. During the tearing process, no instantaneous or local force should be used to prevent uneven force from sticking to the patterned protective layer on the product surface.

The decorative effect of the ceramic tile background wall is better. Its craftsmanship is exquisite and the texture is delicate. Through the careful carving of professionals, the wall patterns are varied and the textures are vivid. The tile background wall is introduced here.

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