Tips for purchasing high-end bathroom mirrors

Everyone has a heart for beauty, and everyone knows that image issues cannot be ignored. People get up early in the morning without getting dressed before they dare to go out. Therefore, a good bathroom fittingsmirror bathroom fittingsmust be equipped with a beautiful and practical bathroom mirror. If not, the baby must shout to kiss, which dimension are you Yes? So how do you choose your favorite bathroom fittingsmirror from the dazzling array of bathroom mirror products on the market? This baby has worked so hard to collect and sort out some knowledge in this area, but I still don’t know how to buy a bathroom. Don't miss it, friends of the mirror. 1. Appearance When purchasing a bathroom cbm mirror, you can observe whether the bathroom mirror has a fine workmanship. Generally speaking, a good quality mirror has no bubbles, impurities, dark spots, black edges and other defects from the appearance, and no peeling, pinholes, scratches, light transmission, pitting and other problems on the back. 2. Imaging effect The quality of the mirror imaging effect is one of the important conditions for measuring the quality of the mirror. Therefore, when purchasing a bathroom mirror, you must consider whether the mirror imaging effect of the bathroom mirror is ideal, specifically: a silver mirror with a thickness of 5mm, and the image of a person within 2m must not be deformed or skewed. The thickness of good quality silver mirror lens is generally 5mm as the best. 3. General lenses are divided into silver mirrors and aluminum mirrors. Silver mirrors refer to the first layer of silver coating on the mirror plate. The paint used on the back of these two mirrors contains lead. From the appearance, the light of the silver mirror is softer, while the light of the aluminum mirror is a bit whitish and dazzling. In recent years, the silver mirror technology has made breakthroughs, and lead-free paint can be used instead. This kind of mirror is called a lead-free and copper-free mirror, which can also be called an environmentally friendly cbm mirror. This lens is environmentally friendly and durable. 4. See if ordinary mirrors with anti-fog function are placed in a relatively humid place for a long time, the mirrors will become dim, and even rust and fall off. Sometimes it is very inconvenient to use, so it is necessary to pay attention to the anti-fog and anti-rust function of the mirror. Usually when buying a bathroom mirror, remember to buy a bathroom mirror with anti-fog function. CBMLED bathroom mirrors create high-end bathroom products with anti-fog function! 5. Observe and touch the product to confirm whether the appearance of the product is deformed, whether the table surface is flat, whether the electroplating surface and paint surface of the product have defects and sand holes, and whether the welding place is smooth and firm. CBMLED bathroom mirror, manufactured by the manufacturer. The product uses a 5mm environmental protection mirror, which can be customized with the functional requirements of the pros!
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