Tips to remember when choosing floor tiles for interior decoration


Judge the pros and cons of floor tiles based on brand awareness and reputation. Some small manufacturers rely on lowering production costs to fight crazy price competition. The products produced are not environmentally friendly and substandard. This kind of pollutants spread on the walls and the ground are likely to threaten everyone's health every day. . One year later, the surface of the bricks was mottled, cracks gradually formed, and I couldn't bear to look directly. Therefore, the suggestion buyers still choose well-known brand bricks. According to the information content of marketing channels such as information communication, good friends, etc., select well-known brands that are more suitable for you.

Floor tiles occupies a very large proportion of the main materials for home decoration. They are the mainstream product decoration building materials for bathroom, and floor tiles are still the living room. The key building decoration materials for venues such as, balconies, etc., considering that buyers have little understanding of floor tiles, there will be some misunderstandings in the selection of floor tiles based on visual effects. Products with high smoothness and cleanliness, authentic colors , Not easy to get dirty and fouling, easy to clean, good self-cleaning performance When judging, you can choose to carefully observe the reflected light of the surface layer of the product from the side under a relatively strong light source, and it is better that the surface layer does not have fine blisters and pits, or there are few blisters and pits. Products with high brightness index values u200bu200buse high-quality and high-quality glaze layer raw materials and very good glaze processing technology, which has good light reflection performance and uniform distribution, which makes the visual effect good, and it seems that the product is of high quality. Learn about the design pattern design style of floor tiles.

Judge based on the touch feel and the sound of knocking porcelain. When selecting, you can gently stroke the surface layer with your hands to feel very smooth and delicate. It is better to be able to touch the reverse side and feel the fine friction of 'sand'. Good quality and high-density bricks of the same specification have a relatively heavy grip. On the other hand, products of inferior quality have a slight grip. In addition, you can tap the surface of the tile with your hands. Generally speaking, the sound of a good tile material is relatively crisp when tapped. And if the sound is thick and the echo is as long as the sound of knocking a bronze bell, the degree of porcelainization is high, the wear resistance is strong, the flexural strength is high, the water absorption rate is low, and it is not easy to be polluted by the environment; if the sound is dumb, the degree of porcelainization Low (even cracks are common), poor abrasion resistance, low flexural strength, high water absorption, and very easy to be polluted by the environment.

Place an order according to the well-known brand's busy season and preferential promotion time period. In the hot season of interior decoration, well-known brands often have promotional activities planned. In the hot season, the selection of floor tiles not only saves wallets, but also ensures product quality by laying tiles in the right season. For example, some famous domestic tile brands will launch very strong preferential promotions and special preferential programs. When using floor tiles, carefully read the manufacturer's precautions. Manufacturers that emphasize credibility and service management generally have detailed explanations. Buyers should check whether the color number and size indicated on the outer packaging are the model specifications ordered by themselves, and whether the bricks of the same color number have defects such as color difference or disconnection. Only when the same color number is used, can the neighboring color numbers be used for uniform color.

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