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Topic for Sensor Faucet

Topic for Sensor Faucet


Sensor faucets have always been more common in public places. For example in restaurants, hotels, bathrooms, etc. It is one of the more popular faucets on the market today(Kitchen sensor faucet and basin sensor faucet).


Especially in the current epidemic impact. Sensor faucets can effectively reduce contact and the spread of bacteria. Not only that, from an environmental point of view, the first priority of sensor faucets is to save water.

So, sensor faucets are still very good.


Sensor faucets also have many advantages:


1, Sensor faucet in the shape of the design is more atmospheric and beautiful, will not be so cumbersome, and has a very strong decorative, and easy to use.


2, Sensor faucet design is very humane, the valve opening time is a timing limit, generally in about 30 seconds. If beyond this limited time, the valve will automatically close, so as not to waste water due to foreign objects in the Sensor range for a long time.


3, Sensor faucet using the principle of infrared Sensor to switch the water valve operation, effectively prevent the waste of water resources, can avoid people because they forget to close the faucet caused by the waste of water resources, compared to other types of faucet water saving rate of up to 60% or more.


4, Sensor faucet more hygienic, in the use of other faucets, we wash our hands to close the valve operation, will inevitably be contaminated with bacteria, and Sensor faucet will not have such problems, we do not have to touch the valve with our hands, as long as our hands leave the infrared Sensor area, the valve will automatically close.


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