Touch switch of smart bathroom mirror

A few days ago, the editor introduced the LED light bathroom mirror to you. Today, I will introduce you to the touch switch style of the smart bathroom fittingsmirror. There are generally two types of touch switches, one is an ordinary touch switch, and the other is an infrared sensor switch. Today I will tell you about ordinary touch switches. The most common touch switch, this is what it usually looks like. This is what it looks like after turning on the LED light. According to the style of the touch switch, in addition to this round touch switch, there are other such as square touch switch. And classified according to the number, the above two types of bathroom fittingsmirrors belong to single-touch switch, which are double-touch switch bathroom mirrors. In addition to single and double touch switches, there is also a multi-touch switch bathroom fittingsmirror with time and temperature display, which is a six-button touch switch bathroom cbm mirror with time, temperature and Bluetooth MP3 function. The above article is from CBM. CBM, accompany you smart every day.
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