Touch switch position of bathroom mirror

Before, the editor introduced to you two different types of switches, ordinary touch switches and infrared sensor switches. Today, the editor will introduce you to the position of the touch switch of the LED smart bathroom cbm mirror. Our touch switch can be customized according to the customer. Placed in a different position as you like. Generally in LED bathroom mirrors, the touch switch is located directly below the center of the bathroom fittingsmirror, while some bathroom fittingsmirrors move the touch switch to other positions according to customer requirements. The following editor will show you two of them. A bathroom mirror with an offset position. The picture above is a bathroom fittingsmirror with a touch switch on the lower right corner of the mirror, but a bathroom cbm mirror with a touch switch just below the mirror and a little to the right. The above article is from CBM. CBM, accompany you smart every day.
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