Upper and lower outer luminous bathroom mirror

Among our common LED bathroom mirrors, the corresponding names will be different depending on the light-emitting position. There are roughly two types, one is the inner luminous bathroom cbm mirror, and the other is the outer luminous bathroom mirror. We can understand them literally. The inner luminous bathroom fittingsmirror is the mirror that emits light inside, and the outer luminous bathroom mirror is the mirror that emits light outside. The exterior luminous bathroom mirrors can be divided into two types: exterior luminous bathroom mirrors on all sides and exterior luminous bathroom mirrors on both sides (both sides). The upper and lower outer luminous bathroom mirrors are the outer luminous bathroom mirrors on both sides, because they are luminous on the upper and lower sides. The characteristic of this kind of cbm mirror is that the upper and lower sides of the back of the mirror are very bright, while the left and right sides are not bright.
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