Using these tiles in the living room, the value of the face has doubled


The living room can be used not only as a place for hospitality, but also as a place for leisure and relaxation, so the appearance of the living room is very important whether it is external or internal. If you want to create a high-value living room, you need to start from many aspects. The first step is to choose the right tiles. Luxurious or simple space styles can be used to interpret various beauty through different types of tiles or paving methods.


Marble tiles

Combination skills: basic paving, matching wave line

Small and medium-sized living rooms generally use basic paving methods. For example, common vitrified tiles and marble tiles will be paving. This paving method saves worry and effort, and the texture connection is also more harmonious.

If you want to create a luxurious style, one-sided waterjet mosaic is enough

Make good use of wave wiring, small and medium-sized apartments can also have a mosaic effect


Variable wood-grain bricks

Combination skills: herringbone shop five or five fish bone fight

The application of wood grain tiles in the living room is becoming more and more common. In addition to the high value of wood-grain bricks, wood-grain bricks also have the characteristics of being dirt-resistant, wear-resistant and easy to take care of. Because of this, they are sought after by many young owners. It is suitable for creating decoration styles such as Nordic style and new Chinese style.

Time seems to have stopped too

Wood grain bricks + tiles

Simple style

Modern antique bricks

Combination skills: soft outfits are not cumbersome

very The hot modern antique bricks collide with the simple style that is popular in Europe and America, and it will always make people feel astonishing years. The beauty of modern antique bricks is restrained and unassuming, and if there are no traces of water, it will double the charm.

Tough lines, suitable for creating a cold industrial style

The application effect of modern antique bricks on the wall


Hexagonal bricks

Combination skills: mix and match, background wall

Hexagonal tiles break the conventional image of square tiles and are presented in a small and unique hexagonal form, which is more artistic.

Antique brick

Antique tiles are also common in European and American countries, especially suitable for creating Mediterranean style.

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