Various methods of anti-fogging for bathroom mirrors, how to defog bathroom mirrors?

Nowadays, people’s requirements for bathrooms are getting higher and higher. For example, bathroom mirrors are mostly anti-fog, because the bathroom itself is a place with a lot of water vapor, which causes some trouble for people's use, so bathroom mirrors are anti-fog Is relatively important! So how can the bathroom mirror meet the anti-fog requirements? Some people say that you can use soap without water, dry wipe the cbm mirror surface, and then use a dry paper towel to gently wipe off the soap marks that are too obvious to prevent the mirror surface from getting fogged. There are also people who say that there is an anti-fogging agent for cars, spray it directly on the mirror surface, and then gently wipe it with a towel. After wiping it, an oil film will form on the mirror surface, so no fogging will occur. These methods are all useful, but the timeliness is not long, anti-fogging can be done in a short time, it is also harmful to the mirror, it will reduce the service life of the cbm mirror, and the operation is troublesome! CBM anti-fog bathroom fittingsmirror, with its own anti-fog function, is waterproof, and can be customized private bathroom mirrors, providing convenience and comfort for people's lives.
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