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Vertical hanging LED bathroom mirror

by:CBM     2021-08-09
Before, the editor gave you a brief look at some of CBM's square bathroom mirrors, which are also rectangular bathroom mirrors. Today, I will introduce you to a classification of rectangular bathroom mirrors. In addition to classification according to styles and sizes, square bathroom fittingsmirrors can also be divided into horizontal-hung rectangular bathroom mirrors and vertical-hung rectangular bathroom mirrors. As the name suggests, it is a bathroom fittingsmirror hanging horizontally and a bathroom mirror hanging vertically. I have introduced the horizontal-mounted LED bathroom mirror before. Today I will show you the vertical-mounted LED bathroom mirror. The vertical hanging LED bathroom fittingsmirror is characterized by its height greater than its width. To distinguish whether the mirror is hung horizontally or vertically, you only need to look at the touch switch. The touch switches are located directly below the center of the cbm mirror, and will not appear on the left or right. This is a cbm mirror with light on both sides (as shown). Now I will show you the real shots of our bathroom mirrors after installation (as shown). The above article is from CBM. CBM, accompany you smart every day.
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