Villa decoration, marble or marble tiles?


To decorate the villa, do you need marble or marble tiles?

If you only consider the luxury of the villa decoration, marble is of course good, but the price of marble is more expensive, and marble tiles are generally used instead.

Natural marble has natural color, dignified luxury, natural atmosphere, simple and elegant, graceful and luxurious, and has significant decorative effects. However, as a natural marble, there are large color differences, many flaws, easy staining, and difficult maintenance. The price Problems such as high cost, unstable supply and long cycle have formed many restrictions on its large-scale use.

The marble tiles have the color and texture of imitation marble, the surface texture is natural and continuous, and the hardness is high, the flexural strength is large, the paving is easier, the anti-fouling and waterproof performance is superior, and it is easy to take care of .

In general, marble tiles take into account the advantages of natural marble and ceramic tiles. In terms of decorative effects, it reaches the level of natural marble. At the same time, it also has the superior practical performance of ceramic tiles.

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