Wall-mounted makeup mirror

We often use makeup mirrors in our lives. Do you know that there are several types of makeup mirrors? There are two types of common vanity mirrors, one is a desktop vanity mirror and the other is a wall-mounted vanity mirror. Desktop makeup cbm mirror is the kind of makeup mirror that can be placed on the table, and it is also a kind of mirror that we often see. The wall-mounted makeup mirror is a makeup mirror that is hung on the wall, such as this, its scientific name is called a double-sided wall-mounted round light mirror. The so-called double-sided mirror is a makeup mirror with two mirrors. When it comes to double-sided mirrors, there will be a single-sided mirror, which is a real shot of a single-sided mirror. In addition, these makeup mirrors can be divided into two types, copper wall-mounted makeup mirrors and iron wall-mounted makeup mirrors, according to different material choices.
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