Waterproof of smart bathroom mirror

Since the current smart bathroom fittingsmirrors contain light strips and switches, some friends are worried about whether these smart mirrors will enter water. Here I will briefly talk about the water resistance of smart bathroom mirrors. The first is the surface of the LED cbm mirror. The touch switch and the mirror surface are waterproof. Some LED bathroom fittingsmirrors have the light strip outside the mirror (the so-called external light-emitting bathroom mirror). These light strips are exposed to the outside. It is also waterproof, so you can rest assured in daily use. There will be a back plate on the back of the mirror to tightly seal the power supply, wires and other things. Some LED mirrors will add a small waterproof box to protect the power supply and wires from water. The biggest advantage of this kind of waterproof mirror is that when you turn off the light when you take a shower, you won’t accidentally touch the socket (some families will use a light switch socket during the decoration, that is, put the light switch control and the socket in Together) cause electric shock. This kind of LED mirror adopts the structure of separate switch and power supply, and is completely separated from the socket. No matter how wet the hand is, it will not cause the problem of electric shock. This also leads to more and more mirrors of this kind in the current hotel industry. In addition to considering the aesthetics, science fiction and practicality, there are also some factors of safety.
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