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Wedding trends in the "post-epidemic ere”

Wedding trends in the "post-epidemic ere”


The wedding industry has also hit the pause button for 2020 due to the global epidemic. Cancellations and postponements are likely to be the busiest thing for wedding professionals and couples this year. So have wedding formats and spending habits changed in the aftermath of the epidemic and how might the wedding industry change in 2022?

Today we bring an article from The Independent on the trends and outlook for UK weddings in 2022 from those working in the wedding industry in the UK, which may give you some inspiration.

Since 23 March, the British government has been telling Britons to stay at home and avoid contact with people outside their families. This means that hundreds of people planning weddings in the coming months have been forced to postpone or cancel their weddings.

Some couples have already made the most of the current conditions by arranging virtual wedding models on Zoom (software similar to Tencent Meetings), but many still insist on waiting for the restrictions to be lifted to celebrate their sweet moment.

The editor of a UK wedding planning website has said that the flu pandemic will have a major impact on wedding trends in 2022. In an interview with The Independent, she said that we predict that they will reflect a desire to spend more time with the people they love.

"Reconnecting with friends and family and creating meaningful experiences will be a priority for everyone and we will see this permeate weddings as couples rethink what's important to them on the day, focus on the guest experience and spend more quality time with everyone at the wedding."

If we can safely say that the flu pandemic will be over by then, here's what local event planners, wedding planners and industry professionals in the UK are predicting for weddings in 2022.

Personalisation trends

A UK wedding planning website states that in 2022, couples will want to do more to show their appreciation for their guests, such as writing personalised thank you notes on their seats or baked goods. Couples will have more time to think about what will be special to their guests.

"Expect to see a personalised element to the day, whether it's a special memory written on each menu or a photo of the guests and the couple. This will more than increase the emotional connection and communication between the couple and their guests.

Soft tones are the main theme.

Colour schemes are a central part of any event's aesthetic, and in 2022, weddings will be replaced by a muted palette.

Ashleigh Li, creative director of the Pink palm campaign, told the press that the traditional blush and ivory colours would be replaced by dusky pinks and lilacs.

"(These colour ways) will be key to conveying a calm, calming, relaxed yet intimate wedding vibe," she says. "Think gorgeous mauves, soft pinks, yellow and peachy tulips and sweet peas with a few pops of colour, such as orange or coral.

Wedding dresses tend to be classic and stylish.

In recent years, we have seen a shift towards 'classic fashion' as the disruptive effects of 'fast fashion' have become more apparent.

This trend is likely to only continue to grow next year and extend to the wedding fashion sector. Online fashion search platform Lyst noted that searches for 'vintage' or 'second-hand' wedding dresses were up 38% year-on-year, with an average of almost 19,000 searches per month.

Wedding dress designer Phillipa Lepley predicts that more brides will opt for classic fairytale style wedding dresses.

In an interview with The Independent, she said: "You can expect dramatic gowns, elegant long-tailed dresses and embroidered cathedral-length silk veils.

Philanthropy to take centre stage

Finally, during the epidemic, the goodness and light of humanity is shown as people come together to fight the disease. Then the goodness that embodies humanity will also play an important element in the wedding.

In 2022, more couples will include a charitable element in their weddings, whether it's encouraging guests to donate to their favourite charity or forgoing a gift in lieu of a donation.

"Couples will also donate leftover flowers to hospitals and shelters - another touching gesture and an unexpected ray of hope,"

We will also have to wait and see if more habits and ways of doing weddings in 2022 are as this article suggests, but it could well become an orientation and trend.

The most touching part of this is the last one, this part of charity, which can indeed make your wedding more meaningful in the post-epidemic era and make everyone's heart grateful.


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