What are the advantages of diamond-glazed tiles than ordinary fully polished glazed tiles?


Diamond glaze is an upgraded product of full polished glaze. Their main difference lies in their material:

Improved hardness

Diamond glaze brick adopts Ru0026D diamond particle mixing technology , Its glaze will form a molecular structure similar to C60 diamond, which can improve the product performance index, and increase the hardness by 38%, achieve high wear-resistant diamond quality, and solve the defects of non-wearing and easy scratching of polished glazed tiles.

Improved flatness

The usage of diamond glaze tile glaze is 2.25 of that of ordinary polished glazed tiles, which fundamentally solves ordinary fully polished glazed tiles. The glazed water ripple problem can achieve a better visual mirror effect.

Strong permeability

During the high temperature firing process of the diamond glaze, the brick surface can form a pore-free vitrified surface, and the glaze has a higher brightness, which is comparable to the microcrystalline surface .

Texture performance

The surface texture of the diamond glazed tiles is basically carefully selected from the precious natural stone samples. Through the true color restoration technology, the texture and natural colors of the world marble are restored with more layers. exquisite.

Improved thickness

Compared with ordinary polished glazed bricks, the thickness of diamond glaze bricks is increased by 1.5mm; the thickness of the bricks is increased to 12mm, which improves the hardness of the whole brick.

Improved whiteness

The diamond glazed bricks are slightly whiter than ordinary polished glazed bricks, with fewer impurities, and the bricks are more dense and firm.

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