What are the advantages of Jinman ancient tiles?


Where are the advantages of Minmetals Ceramic Tile?

Environmental protection: Produced with environmentally friendly raw materials, the products do not contain heavy metals, are non-radioactive, and do not release harmful gases. Minmetals floor tiles are environmentally friendly and healthy floor tiles. Wear-resistant and scratch-resistant: The surface wear-resistant layer has been specially treated for better abrasion resistance; it has a wear resistance of 2.5 times or more than other floor materials. Minmetals floor tiles have abrasion resistance and are suitable for shopping malls, supermarkets, and other places with large traffic. Resistance: The semi-hard material has good elasticity, and it will recover quickly from the depression under the impact of heavy objects, and it is not easy to cause damage. Anti-slip: The wear-resistant layer on the surface has special anti-slip properties, which can greatly prevent slips and falls. Minmetals floor tiles feel more astringent under the condition of sticky water, and have special anti-slip properties, which can be used in high-demand public places.

Places such as airports, hospitals, schools, etc. are more suitable.

Waterproof: It has good waterproof performance.

Sound absorption: Compared with other floor materials, the sound absorption effect is better, and the sound absorption can reach more than 20 decibels. It is ideal to use Minmetals floor tiles in quiet environments such as hospital wards, schools, libraries, conference halls and other places. Antibacterial: The surface is treated with a special process to prevent the growth and hiding of bacteria and ensure environmental sanitation. Splicing style: It can be cut arbitrarily with a general utility knife, and different patterns can be flexibly selected and combined to achieve the ideal decorative effect.

Various varieties: a wide variety of patterns, such as carpet pattern, marble pattern, wood pattern, weaving pattern, etc., and you can customize your own patterns and colors to achieve your personalized style. Various patterns are vivid and beautiful, with colorful decorative strips, which make the decorative effect more beautiful and elegant. Easy to clean: the surface is specially treated, has good waterproof and stain resistance, is not easy to penetrate, and can be cleaned up with ordinary wet mop. In response to the international community's efforts to protect nature and reduce the consumption of natural resources, China Minmetals is committed to developing new decorative materials that are 'green, environmentally friendly, healthy and natural'. In addition to Minmetals floor tile products, it also self-developed 'Caijing Paint Free Board'. Using laser technology to print, the pattern texture is vivid and the layers are rich; the surface is specially treated to prevent the growth of mold and has a strong anti-fouling performance, making the home dazzling and radiant.

Minmetals 'Caijing Paint Free Board' has a wide range of applications, except for indoor and outdoor walls, office desks, furniture, kitchen cabinets, decorative cabinets and door panels. The surface of 'Caijing Paint-free Board' is treated with UV coating, it is ready to use, and the construction is simple and convenient. It does not need to use the general traditional board surface, which still requires many tasks such as primer, sanding, primer, topcoat and waiting for drying. The smell of trouble, Minmetals tiles and bricks are famous.

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