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What are the characteristics and advantages of antique tiles?

by:CBM     2021-06-22
1. The characteristics of antique bricks

①. There are many types of antique tiles, complete specifications, 900*450 and 800*800, and more 600*600, and there are also small-size tiles suitable for areas such as kitchens and bathrooms, which can be said to be polished tiles and porcelain tiles. The fit. There are series of antique bricks, such as leather grain, rock, wood grain, etc., which look very close to the real object. It can be said to be fake and real. Many of them are full-body bricks, not just making a fuss on the glazed surface.

②. From a practical point of view, in public places, there is a large flow of people and high frequency of use. The polished tiles are almost dim and ugly for 2-3 years, and the antique tiles are still the same as when they were just laid.

③. From a practical point of view, the paving of antique tiles is originally personalized, and the design can be personalized according to the color. The use of antique tiles in foreign countries is much larger than polished tiles. Polished tiles are almost impossible to achieve this.

④. After the polished tiles have a smooth surface, almost all of them cannot solve the problem of slip resistance. Antique tiles can just solve this problem. Therefore, in public places, the practicality of antique bricks is gradually improved, and the use of antique tiles is gradually increased in the family considering the problem of slipping and falling of the elderly and children.

⑤. Polished tiles are considered to be a major source of light pollution abroad, while antique tiles are almost matte, so this problem does not exist. This is similar to the contrast between a transparent glass bulb and a frosted bulb.

⑥. For anti-fouling problems, even the best polished tiles have been sallow-yellow in 2-3 years, and they have been renovated and paving almost in about 5 years. There is almost no such problem with antique tiles.

⑦. In terms of water absorption, antique tiles are originally porcelain glazed tiles, and the porcelain base itself is no different from polished tiles. The difference is only the whiteness and the formula that can be thrown on, so the water absorption rate of the green body can reach about 0.1%. It is no different from polished tiles, but the surface conditions of the two tiles are completely different. The surface of antique tiles will never absorb water (dirt).

Second, what are the advantages of antique bricks

①. The appearance of glazed tiles is more beautiful than antique tiles, with various colors. At the same time, it is not easy to stain, but the density of ceramic tiles is low, not durable, and not abrasion resistant. After a long time of use, the surface of the tile will become dull, and the antique tiles make up for the shortcomings of the glazed tiles. They are high in strength and wear-resistant. The surface of the tiles will remain as new as it is after use.

②. The material of antique tiles is actually the same as glazed tiles and polished tiles. It's just that in the production process of ceramic tiles, different processes and technologies are used, which make the performance of the product have different changes and adapt to the use of different decoration spaces. However, the performance of antique tiles is slightly better than polished tiles, the water absorption rate of antique tiles is zero, and the surface will not be stained.

③. Regarding the pollution caused by ceramic tiles, the surface of the antique tiles is matt polished during production, so that the home use space is far away from the problem of light source pollution. At the same time, in the process of use, the surface of the antique tiles will not be stained with various stains, and the protective wax film on the surface of the polished tiles has turned dark and yellow after being used for a period of time. At the same time, the dirt is sucked into the porcelain surface, which seriously affects the appearance of the ground, so after a few years of use, it needs to be re-paved.

④. Antique brick products are rich in color, which can not only meet the home improvement needs of different decoration users, and carry out personalized paving design, but also the price is more affordable than other tiles, cost-effective and personalized, so that the home space can be decorated with a different visual experience. This is where the charm of antique bricks lies.

⑤. There are many sizes of antique tiles, which can meet different space laying areas, such as small kitchen and bathroom space, living room space decoration, etc. In addition, the surface texture of antique bricks is diverse, such as wood texture, stone texture, etc., the effect is realistic, and the entire decoration space can instantly rise up.

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