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What are the characteristics of antique tiles?

by:CBM     2021-06-22

Floor tiles are one of the main decoration materials for home improvement. It has many styles. Antique tiles are one of them. They have relatively good anti-slip performance on the ground and can also give people in our homes high safety. , The surface layer undergoes old processing during the production of ceramic tiles, which seems to have a sense of history. In order to better choose the right one for the home, it is necessary to have a certain understanding of the characteristics of antique tiles.

1. What are the characteristics of antique tiles?

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1, antique tiles floor The anti-slip performance is good. The difference between old bricks and antique bricks is that there is no polishing treatment on the surface. It is directly exposed to high temperatures, so even if there is water on the surface layer, the anti-skid grade of the old bricks is very high. This one is especially suitable for children or the elderly at home.

2. Antique tiles are easy to clean. Old bricks have better cleaning effect than antique bricks. Scrub gently with a damp towel. Therefore, this type of antique brick will become widely used in many public places. Mainly because a large area of u200bu200bthe public area has been cleared, it will become easier. This is also the gospel of cleaners.

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3. Antique ceramic tiles and strong environmental protection. When exposed to strong sunlight, old floor tiles are not prone to excessive gloss. People don't dare to look at ordinary tiles all the time, shining people's eyes. On the contrary, the antique ceramic tiles will have very mild light, which will not easily affect people's eyesight.

Second, what are the techniques for selecting floor tiles?

1. Find a brand: If you want to choose a good tile, you must choose a very reliable brand.

2. Look: Mainly because the color of old floor tiles is relatively complicated. There are several series in one antique brand, and each series will have a different color. Choose a brand from a physical store, and product specifications are necessary Yes, there may be some situations where you like bricks and not theirs.

3. Style: There are many types of antique tiles on the market. At present, the popular antique bricks are brick and monochrome types. Two types of floor tiles. Monochrome tiles are used for laying large areas, while floor tiles are used as decorations.

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