What are the common toilet accessories

When we usually see the toilet, we only see its appearance department. In fact, the normal use of the toilet is directly related to its accessories. What are the common hotel toilet supplier accessories? 1. According to the structure of the toilet, it can be divided into one-piece type and split type. 2. According to the top buttons, it can be divided into side buttons, front buttons, sling type, lever type, etc. 3. According to the toilet water inlet, it can be divided into bottom water inlet, side water inlet and rear water inlet. 4. According to the drain valve, it can be divided into double-press type, hanging chain type, single-press type and barrel type. For toilet tank accessories, because different brands and different specifications of toilets have different indicators, the accessories of hotel toilet supplier tanks are not universal, but you can choose a suitable hotel toilet supplier according to your own toilet specifications. Only with water tank accessories can you buy the right accessories.
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