What are the differences and characteristics of polished glazed tiles and polished tiles?


1. The color of polished tiles is relatively single, without much change. Glazed tiles should be brightly colored because they are drenched after printing patterns. Looking at the side of the tiles, the layering of glazed tiles is more obvious, and the glazed surface is clearly visible.

2. Polished tiles are bright tiles that are polished on the surface of whole-body tiles, which are easier to get dirty. , Full polished glaze is a kind of antique tiles, both fully polished glaze antique tiles and polished tiles are porcelain tiles, and they are polished on the surface, but the surface of the fully polished glaze is transparent, and the polished tiles are the original tiles. Perform polishing.

3. The texture of polished tiles and polished tiles are different. The texture of polished tiles cannot be very small, and polished tiles can achieve fine lines like needlework.

4. Polished glazed tiles have a high degree of simulation. It combines the advantages of antique tiles and polished tiles. On the basis of glazed tiles, the surface of the tiles is polished. The process is more complicated than polished tiles and the appearance The rich colors of glazed tiles and the brightness and cleanliness of polished tiles make them more expensive than polished tiles.

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