What are the difficulties to overcome to make a super large fire door?

What are the difficulties to overcome to make a super large fire door?

As we all know, public buildings must be equipped with fire-fighting facilities, especially places with a large flow of people, while large-scale buildings such as large hotels, exhibition centers, and commercial centers must be equipped with fire-proof doors that are larger than ordinary specifications. , That is, oversized fire doors.

It is very difficult to make super large fire doors, which is different from ordinary fire doors which have hundreds of years of traditional craftsmanship. Due to the large size, once the design is not good, it will be deformed, the hinge will be bent, the door closer is not strong enough, and the door frame will sag.

Therefore, the requirements for design, structure, key raw materials and production technology of super large fire door products are much higher than those of commonly used specifications. The super large fire door products produced by most fire door manufacturers cannot meet the requirements. To safety standards.

Each large fire door must undergo strict production, burn inspection, and acceptance before it can be installed and used.

The oversized fire doors of national landmark projects such as the G20 Summit, the BRICS Conference, and the Shanghai Cooperation Summit are undoubtedly the industry’s first security standards.

So, what difficulties must be overcome to make a super large fire door?

First, burn inspection

First of all, from the size From the point of view of the impact on the burn inspection, as the size of the fire door increases, the difficulty of the burn inspection will increase geometrically. This is why there are 945 fire door manufacturers across the country, but not many have obtained the production qualifications for super-sized fire doors. The vast majority of enterprises fail to burn inspection due to their inability to overcome related technical problems in the production process. Among the enterprises that have obtained the production qualification for super large fire doors, more than half have only the certificates within 3000mm, and there are only 3 enterprises each with 3000mm and 4000mm and more than 4000mm, and these are only the production qualifications for ordinary steel doors.

Second, burn-in inspection after adding decorative surface

Secondly, from the perspective of the influence of surface technology on burn-in inspection, the probability of passing the burn-in inspection after adding decorative surface to the fire door will be So far, only Junge has successfully overcome the technical difficulties and has become the nation's first enterprise that has obtained the 3C certificate for super-sized steel-wood fire doors and super-sized steel-wood fire doors with copper finishes.

Add a bit of industry knowledge: Obtaining the 3C certificate of ordinary steel oversized fire door is equivalent to only obtaining a component of the steel wood with copper veneer fire door certificate-steel fire door core (steel The quality fireproof door is the 3C certificate for the inner filling, and the difficulty coefficient of the door core burn-in is far lower than the overall burn-in difficulty after adding the decorative surface.

Three, product consistency requirements

Furthermore, in terms of the particularity of fire protection products, fire protection products must meet the consistency requirements. For example, oversized steel-wood fire-resistant doors with copper finishes are made of steel door cores, flame-retardant wood panels, copper finish panels and hardware accessories. According to the former Fire Product Qualification Assessment Center of the Ministry of Public Security (now the Emergency Management Department Fire Product Qualification Assessment Center), 'Building Refractory Component Product Implementation Rules' page 42, Appendix B: Factory product consistency control requirements. The factory should take corresponding measures to ensure that the mass-produced certified products are consistent with the type test qualified samples in at least the following aspects:

1. The nameplate, logo, manual and product name indicated on the package of the certified product , Specifications and models;

2. The structure, size and installation method of the certified product;

3. The main raw materials and key parts of the certified productThe finish must meet the requirements of product consistency.

In this way, the almost harsh combustion testing and qualification certification, coupled with the acceptance criteria that are so strict that you cry, the super fireproof door is really not what ordinary door companies can play. And then, it will only be stricter. At present, the relevant state departments are tightening the production control of large-size fire doors and promulgated production standards for large-size fire doors. Enterprises who want to produce large-size fire doors must pass the qualification review and obtain the corresponding qualifications.

In this way, it is impossible to produce oversized fire doors without qualifications. After all, when it comes to large-scale security, the country's tight control is natural. Although the remaining qualified enterprises are not many, they are all professional and reliable. This is naturally good for the market.

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