What are the factors for a qualified bathroom?

For the personal family bathroom, the bathroom of the generally unspecialized person only needs to be able to maintain air circulation, but this is only the most basic point, which also has aesthetics and comfort. However, for a hotel bathroom, In other words, in addition to maintaining air circulation, it is also necessary to ensure the separation of dry and wet, which is the most fundamental element for personal or hotel toilets. After satisfying such basic conditions, aesthetics and comfort can be pursued. After the personal bathroom meets the air circulation, it will be the problem of separation of dry and wet, and then the large supporting equipment of the bathroom (such as bathroom mirror). , And then to the placement of some small items, and finally by adjusting the position of the bathroom storage cabinets and other items to make it more beautiful and comfortable, after which you can add some small decorations to embellish your bathroom, and The hotel bathroom lacks the step of separating dry and wet. The rest is the feng shui problem, brightness problem and temperature problem in the bathroom. General feng shui is based on life experience, such as bathroom mirrors cannot be placed against the door and so on. The brightness problem affects a person's vision and sense of security. If the brightness of the bathroom is not enough, you can purchase a bathroom fittingsmirror with LED lights from CBM to solve it. The temperature problem affects people's sensory enjoyment. In order to let you enjoy life more comfortably, CBM intimately attaches time and temperature display functions to your bathroom cbm mirror. CBM makes your bathroom brighter and warmer.
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