What are the pits in the floor tiles?


1. Does seamless brick mean seamless?

Floor tiles need to be cracked. Seamless bricks also need to leave gaps. In fact, the gaps left by seamless bricks are relatively small. In the process of floor tiles, some householders also told the master of the decoration and decoration company in advance that there is no need to leave gaps in laying the floor tiles. The master of the decoration company who is not very concerned may be able to paste directly according to your request. . He left after laying the tiles, but your seamless bricks arched up and down.

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2, the wall does not need to be waterproof layer, otherwise the floor tiles are not strong< /p>

The bathroom and kitchen should have a waterproof layer, but the decorator said that there is no need to make a waterproof layer on the wall, otherwise the tiles are not stable. If your decorating master tells you like this, then you should pay more attention to it. Otherwise, the decorating company's master is not good enough, or he wants to be lazy, so he fools you. Waterproofing will indeed affect the tiling in certain circumstances, but it should not be done because the waterproof layer is not finished because of a little impact. Yes, it takes time to brush the waterproof layer, and it takes time to wait for the waterproof layer to dry, and the difficulty of tiling will increase, but these are not the reasons for not making the waterproof layer.

The wall waterproofing of the toilet area must be above 1.8 meters, and the other places must be 30 cm high. These are all standard regulations and must be followed. After finishing waterproofing, if it is difficult to tiling, you can also draw a hair on the wall before tiling. Or you can directly use the thin paste processing technology to paste the wall tiles, all of which are solutions. The master of the decoration company said that it was not possible to do it, or it would just not understand it, or it would fool you.

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3. Reserve loss

In the process of tiling , It will definitely cover the cutting of floor tiles and other processing, so it will definitely lose a part of the floor tiles. If the master of the decoration company has good craftsmanship and experience, it can also help you save a lot of tiles. For most of them, the loss rate of 5-10% is considered more appropriate. There is too much loss, maybe you need to have a good chat with the decorator, I think, he might say something like this: your brick quality has some problems...

4. Tile chamfering


The so-called chamfering is the process of putting together two floor tiles and the external corners of the tiles. Part of the floor tiles is processed so that the connecting place does not need to show the edge cut surface of the floor tiles. .

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