What are the precautions for kitchen tile paving?


1. Make a budget for tile installation.

Before the kitchen tile is installed, the first task is of course to make a good ceramic tile budget. Although the decoration company and the construction team will inform the owner of the approximate amount needed, it happens The direct actor of the purchase is the owner. Therefore, the owner must pay attention to whether the decoration company falsely reports the amount of tiles. In fact, this certain amount cannot be taken as an 'approximate' number. In addition, the building material store will help you calculate it again.

2. Calculate the height of the tiles.

Before making the kitchen tiles, you must also calculate the tiles in the kitchen. The height of the tiles is generally 2.4m. High, some families will pave it on the ceiling. Residents can calculate the number of tiles based on the area in the kitchen, and experienced workers can even calculate the amount of tiles based on the height and width of the wall.

3. Match the color of the tiles.

Before making the kitchen tiles, you must first choose the color of the tiles. In most cases, the kitchen floor tiles and wall tiles are both If you want to buy them separately, you should pay attention to the matching of the styles and colors of the tiles, and also think about what color cabinets you want to buy. Generally speaking, plain tiles can be considered with bright colors. cupboard. Generally, families tend to choose light-colored tiles when choosing kitchen tiles. This may be due to the fact that ordinary families mainly buy small-sized commercial houses. The kitchens of this type of house are generally not very large, and light-colored tiles have expanded. The effect of the field of vision makes the kitchen less depressing.

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