What are the reasons for leaking toilets?

In the process of using the toilet, if it is found that it has a water leakage problem, it must be solved after finding its cause. What are the reasons for the hotel toilet supplier leakage? Follow our sanitary ware manufacturers to have a look! 1. If the water tank drains, the floating ball and floating rod will affect the reset of the flip cover and cause leakage. The floating ball is too long and too large, causing friction with the tank wall, affecting the free rise and falling of the floating ball, resulting in seal failure and leakage. The mechanism of the water tank accessory causes interference during operation, resulting in leakage. 2. The quality is not good. Manufacturers blindly reduce production costs. When the water inlet pipe and water inlet pipe of the injection valve are injected, bad materials will cause cracks and cause seal failure. The water in the water tank enters the toilet through the overflow valve and flows into the 'long water'. 3. When the water pressure is high, if the buoyancy of the floating ball (or floating bucket) is insufficient, due to excessive pursuit of miniaturization of water tank accessories, if the floating ball (or floating bucket) overflows, the water inlet valve cannot be closed, causing water to continuously flow in Water tank. The flow tube flows into the toilet, and there is a water leak. 4. The height of the lift water inlet valve can be changed freely. If the sealing ring cannot fit tightly with the pipe wall, leakage may occur. The joint of the drain valve is not tightly sealed. The disposable drain valve manufactured at one time cannot be tightly sealed by the joint. When hydraulic pressure is applied, water flows into the hotel toilet supplier through the overflow pipe from the interface gap, causing the toilet to leak.
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