What are the secrets of choosing Foshan ceramic tiles


In everyone's interior decoration, ceramic tiles are a very important part. Our wall and floor decorations may use ceramic tiles. Nowadays, there are many ceramic tiles on the sales market, and it is often unclear how to choose. So do you know what are the secrets of the selection of Foshan ceramic tiles for house decoration?

1. Look at reflections

Pay attention to the color and flatness of the surface layer of the tiles. Under normal circumstances, the clearer the color of the tile, the better it can reflect light. In addition, take a close look at whether there is a needle hole. The needle hole is very easy to pile up dirt. You can also see the quality from the impressions, check the surface quality of the tiles, and use a hard object to scrape the glaze layer of the tiles to distinguish the surface layer of the tiles.

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2. See the specifications and dimensions for stitching

Measure on the spot when buying tiles . Use a ruler or tape measure to measure the four sides and diagonals of the tiles to check the specifications.

3. Touch the glaze layer

Check whether the glaze layer has pinholes, dark spots, the texture of the glaze layer, and whether there is color difference. It is mainly to see whether there are black spots, small bubbles, pin holes, cracks, scratches, spots, missing edges, and missing corners on the surface of the tile. Also, you need to pay attention to whether there are any defects such as omissions and omissions.

4. Knock on the surface layer to listen to the sound

Knock on the tiles, listen to the sound to identify the relative density. The most important thing to choose ceramic tiles is to consider product quality. There are many standards for distinguishing the quality of ceramic tiles, and it can also be beaten. The crisp sound indicates that the ceramic tile has a high relative density and high cost performance.

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5. See the durability of water seepage

Look at the water absorption rate of the tiles. Under normal circumstances, the low water absorption rate of tiles means that the higher the stability of the tiles, the more suitable the spaces with high humidity or moisture content, such as bathrooms, kitchens, etc., and they are less likely to cause dark spots and other problems. The common method to check the water absorption of tiles is to pour water on the back of the tiles. The quality of tiles that penetrate slowly or even impermeable is better, and vice versa.

8DL535-Whole body marble tile-800*800

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