What are the techniques for matching colorful tiles?


Nowadays, most of the tiles on the market are mainly light-colored or white, giving people a simple and bright feeling. However, some owners feel that such tiles are too monotonous and not beautiful enough, so they start to use colored tiles for matching. So what are the tips for matching colored tiles and how to buy colored tiles? Interested friends can check out the following introduction.

What are the techniques for color tile matching?

1. Soft style

Color tile matching can have many styles, such as imitation wallpaper The collocation of wallpaper, showing a soft and warm effect. This style collocation abandons the cold and hard feeling of tiles, thus adding a softness and comfort like fabric, which is especially suitable for bathroom use.

2. Color shade changes

You can also use two kinds of tiles with different shades to match together, giving people a relaxed visual sense, and at the same time tiles of different colors will bring jumping Sense, outlines a note-like rhythm.

3. Combination of size and size

The decoration in the same space can adopt different colors, different styles and sizes The clever combination of tiles will make the whole space more vivid. Especially under the action of light, the tiles will give better colors, light and shadow, making them a highlight in the home.

4. Combination of soft and hard

Ceramic tiles generally have strong hardness and water-absorbing expansion rate, such as rock wall tiles, whose surface is like rock, with very large scales, brown and blue Black, showing rich light and shadow changes under the illumination of the light, very suitable for the bathroom. Used for partial decoration, it will form a contrast between soft and hard, cold and warm with the surrounding environment. This combination is a very modern style design.

2. Many owners like to choose colored tiles in the kitchen and bathroom, which are resistant to dirt, but these places have small spaces and use light-colored and cool-colored tiles to match. Because warm-color tiles have a sense of visual closeness, which will increase the sense of depression in the room, while dark-colored tiles will make people feel that the visual space is smaller and the indoor light is worse.

3. In the choice of patterns, try to keep the style consistent with the family style. If it is the bathroom tiles, it should be subtle and elegant, faint, and not overwhelming. The ceramic tiles in the kitchen should be in harmony with the style and color of the cabinets and counters. The patterns should be simple and generous, and feel a clean and bright feeling. You can place a few tiles when needed.

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