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What are tiles?

by:CBM     2021-06-22

1. Porcelain refers to a thin-layer patch with a secondary surface used on the wall, while ceramic tile refers to a floor tile with a porcelain surface. The obvious difference between the two is the degree of thickness. The smoother the tiles, the better, and the tiles require a certain degree of slip resistance on the surface. There is no air bubbles inside the better ceramic tiles, otherwise it is easy to be frozen and broken, and the ceramic tiles do not have high requirements for the existence of air bubbles inside. Porcelain slices should belong to the whole body ceramics, but not bricks, but slices; ceramic tiles are porcelain, which is made by firing porcelain clay.

2. Anti-slip distinction, general ceramic tiles are used to pave the floor, so they must have a certain anti-slip function, and the higher the anti-slip effect, the higher the anti-slip effect, but the tiles are just the opposite, and the tiles are used for decoration Yes, so the smoother the better, if the smooth surface is not smooth, it means the quality is not good.

3. The classification is different. Porcelain belongs to porcelain. It belongs to ceramics. The material is the same as vases or plates in the home, so it is classified as porcelain. However, ceramic tiles belong to the floor, belong to the bricks, and are made by firing. The production process of the two is very different, the materials used are also different, and they belong to different categories.

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