What are tiles?


The raw materials of ceramic tile refractory metal oxides and semi-metal oxides are mixed with clay, quartz sand, etc., through grinding, mixing, pressing, glazing, and sintering. It is a general term for building or decorative materials such as acid and alkali resistant porcelain or stone. Ceramic tiles

Tile refractory metal oxides and semi-metal oxides are ground, mixed, pressed, glazed, and sintered to form acid and alkali resistant porcelain or stone and other architectural or decorative materials are collectively referred to as ceramic tiles.

Ceramic tiles

The raw materials are mixed with clay, quartz sand, etc.

The history of ceramic tiles should be traced back to 4000 BC, Egypt has begun to use ceramic tiles to decorate various types of houses, clay bricks, and sunlight. Dry or bake it and use copper to extract the blue glaze to color the ceramic tiles

Ceramic tiles were found in the Mesodamian area before 4000 BC. The blue and white stripes of the ceramic tiles are decorated with more colors. Ceramic art The exquisite white stoneware produced in the early Shang Yin period (1523-1028 BC) was whitewashed with early glaze

6763 tiles, ancient tiles are all handmade, each tile is handmade, and each tile is hand-colored. All pieces of unique artwork tiles are almost used for architectural surfaces, such as walls, surfaces, flower panels, fireplaces, murals and architectural exterior walls, etc.

Today, ceramic tiles are hand-made and hand-colored using self-made products all over the world. Technical manual ceramic tile installation and indoor and outdoor use ceramic tiles for decoration, such as surface, wall, countertop, fireplace, fountain and exterior wall, etc.

Ceramic tile market development situation

Near the world The rapid development of the housing industry has made the world's ceramic tile production and consumption more development. Due to the variety, quantity, quality, high and low-end products of the ceramic tile products, the choice and the price are suitable, the global market share of non-favored ceramic tile products in Xujia District has expanded

The development of the near-home industry closely revolves around the real estate with building walls and the huge market demand for ceramic tiles. With the rapid development of ceramic production technology, the market-oriented product development of ceramic tiles has begun to trend. Ceramic tile companies are targeting the market and emphasizing adjustment of product structure and product addition At the same time, taking into account the overall interests of the industry, we will strive to improve the technical content of products, increase independent innovation, and cultivate independent brands to achieve sustainable development.

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