What aspects should be paid attention to when decorating tiles in shopping malls?


1. After the overall decoration is completed, do a complete cleanup and fully clean the surface of the tiles, so that the daily maintenance is relatively simple.

Two. Generally, check whether the surface of the ceramic tile has been waxed. If not, it must be polished and waxed before construction. Judging the way of polishing and waxing: See if there is a layer of wax on the surface of the tile. The surface of the tile feels foggy. If you touch it with your hand, there will be fingerprints.

3. It is used in the re-construction and requires the construction personnel to wrap the rubber hammer with a white cloth before using it. Bricks with poor anti-pollution properties will leave black marks when they are hit on the tile surface with a leather hammer. More difficult to clean up.

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Four. Be careful not to pile up some daily necessities on the newly laid tiles When the cabinets, tables and other goods are placed on the paved brick and tile, they must be protected by cushions to prevent the surface of the tile from being worn due to vibration during use.

5. For newly laid tiles, be sure to cover the paved tiles with the tile packaging cartons (with waterproof cloth) to prevent sand from wearing the surface of the tiles, and use them during decoration The paint and glue drip on the tiles, which will affect the tile surface.

Six. For the newly laid tiles, do not walk on them, because the tiles are not completely dry, and if you step on them, it will artificially cause the brick surface to be uneven.

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