What color is good for living room tiles?


Modern ceramic tile products fully meet people's requirements for beauty and function. The well-designed tile paving method can emphasize the expressiveness of the appearance of the room more. Paving the living room and dining room with large earth-colored or terracotta-colored vitrified tiles makes it easy for people to experience the joy and comfort of the rural style. Fireplaces, log furniture and comfortable sofas all seem to invite you to relax for a while. Faced with such a scene, who can resist the desire to put down the work at hand and enjoy a good book?

If you choose stone or dark blue-gray floor tiles, the room will look more special, modern and natural. Elegant cream and yellowish brown.

The floor designed with light cream and yellow-brown tones looks elegant. The soft and warm appearance of these two colors creates a particularly domestic atmosphere for the room. Tiles can be used to create endless changes in this area. If a step is used to break the sense of unity on the ground and then put on a chic chair with beautiful cushions and paved with elegant columns, this background will create an appearance with an ancient Roman style. Plain tiles black and white.

Light, white and gray tiles have always been the right choice for people who like simple, even monochromatic shapes and structures. The cool colors and distinctive features of these tiles accentuate the softness of the furnishings. And black can not only be used for contrast, but can actually express the unique charm of the design: breaking the unity of the ground through lines and geometric patterns, and at the same time creating a sense of structure on the ground. If you like, you can also choose imitation marble tiles to match with wood, rattan or metal furniture to create a contrast.

The editor recommends avoiding cold and rigid tiles in the living area. On the contrary, according to the selected tile shape, pattern, material and paving method, it is possible to create a personalized floor that expresses the style of a personal home. Compared with natural stone, the maintenance of ceramic tiles is simple and easy. Regardless of whether the selected tiles are highly polished or natural matt, they can be used for many years, thus bringing consumers a long time of enjoyment. Moreover, only need to wipe regularly with a damp cloth and mild detergent, the ground can remain beautiful .

The indoor requirements are spacious and bright, which makes people feel relaxed. Therefore, the general light color is suitable, such as white, light beige, solid color or slightly pattern. For owners with high hygiene requirements, choosing a pure color can better reflect the owner’s elegance, but it takes more time and Energy, because pure colors are not resistant to dirt and need to be cleaned frequently. For those owners who are busy at work and willing to spend their free time on sleeping, surfing the Internet, etc., choose slightly patterned or granular tiles.

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