What color is good for the decoration of the bathroom?


1. From the use of the toilet area

Since the color matching will give people a different space imagination, the size of the toilet use area will also have a partial impact on the choice of color matching. . For a toilet with a small use area, it is better to choose a relatively light color combination, so that it can also improve the function of the indoor space and make the toilet have a good decorative function. For the bathroom with medium usage area, you can also choose a warmer color combination, so that it will look like a harmonious and warm part of the bathroom. For large-space bathrooms, you can also choose dark colors, but they are combined with light colors. If you combine a part of the light color waistline in the dark color, it can also reduce the overall space. In addition, the color of the bathroom does not need to be too many, and it is better to use no more than 3 colors. Many of them will be messy and may cause the effect of home decoration to be counterproductive and greatly compromised.

2. Look from the bathroom wall

What color is good for the decoration of the comfortable bathroom, and the color of the wall and pavement is also very important. Not only does the wall and pavement occupy most of the color matching in the interior space, but the color tones are properly handled, otherwise the effect of home decoration is difficult to improve. Normally, the wall is separated from the road surface, and the contrast makes the toilet more layered. From the perspective of feng shui, having the main and the second is also the symbolic meaning of good intentions. Of course, the wall and pavement of the bathroom can also be matched with the same color according to the residents' preferences. There is no certainty.

There are many architectural decoration materials for toilet walls and pavements, and they can also be floor tiles or mosaics. Usually, the color tone that is closer to the transparent liquid is appropriate, and there may be some light patterns. Harmonious and warm restrooms, light and warm colors can be selected for the walls and pavement. For a fresher and more natural toilet, the walls and pavement can also be white, plus light green, light blue, etc. In view of the fact that black and dark colors can give people a messy and unclean experience, the matching of dark colors usually needs to be matched with fresh and natural colors.

3. Look from the bathroom supplies

The bathroom supplies in the bathroom mainly include: washbasins, toilets, bathtubs, bathroom cabinets, etc. In addition to bathroom cabinets, other bathroom products are usually Under the circumstances, pure white is used, which looks neat and tidy, giving people a comfortable experience. Bathroom cabinets can also be selected according to the residents' hobbies, and the color matching is in harmony with the overall color matching. Under normal circumstances, wood color and white are the preferred color combinations for most residents, and everyone can learn from them appropriately.

4. Look from the bathroom ceiling

In view of the relatively wet and cold toilets, usually the raw materials used in the decoration of the ceiling are waterproof, such as PVC Plate and aluminum alloy, with light steel keel. The interior space of the toilet is not large, and the ceiling decoration is simple and fashionable, and the color tone is unified or matched with the color of the overall interior space. At this stage, white is mainly used. White can give people a clean, tidy and bright feeling. It looks calm and comfortable in life.

5. From the perspective of toilet lighting

Toilet The collocation of the lighting color of the light also plays a corresponding function relative to the collocation of the overall color. Incandescent lamps are often used, which is sufficient with soft brightness. However, next to the bathroom mirror, it is recommended to set up lighting fixtures to supplement the local lighting in time. Fluorescent lamps can be selected to enhance the warmth of the bathroom. The interior decoration of the bathroom shower room is not limited to white floor tiles. Now we have more choices. It depends on what interior decoration style you like. Choosing the suitable tile color can also improve the comfort, and the floor tile line can also be extended. interior space.

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