What color is the popular living room tile color?


Living room tile decoration occupies a relatively high seat in the family. The beauty of the new house decoration can directly affect the taste and grade of a family. Therefore, many people choose to pay more attention to the decoration of the living room. There are still many community owners who choose living room tiles for new house decoration, and they can choose suitable living room tiles according to the decoration style and pattern.

The more popular color of living room tiles, Minmetals Ceramics, will give you an analysis:

1. Advanced gray tiles

From the trend of last year, the color of floor tiles is determined by Yellow is switched to the main push gray. The main push gray bricks are beautiful and high-grade, and the effect is very good. When the salesperson introduces them, they will mainly push gray. Customers who choose more new house decorations are still the main push gray. During this period of time, gray Living room tiles are really popular. Currently relatively popular 'high-grade gray tilesPopular colors, in this case, the effect is mixed and matched.

M1865C-Dark gray 900*1800mm large size ceramic tile

2, light yellow ceramic tile

The main recommendation of gray is the choice for most people, but if each house is gray, it will lose the characteristics of its own home. So choose what kind of color to decorate according to your liking. Choose light yellow for the living room tiles. This hue can make the atmosphere of the living room stand out particularly warm, and let the people at home feel the warmth, comfort and ease of home. It is a color worthy of choice for floor tiles, and it is also a popular tile color.

801TT-Light yellow full-body marble tile 800*800mm

3. Brown tile

Living room The ceramic tiles are selected in brown. The surface looks similar to the wooden floor in terms of vision. It is stain-resistant. The decoration of the whole living room is more retro, and it is more artistic and texture. It is a very good color.

815760-office wood grain tiles 150*800mm

3, beige tiles

The beige tiles are made of white tiles Based on the improvement, the living room atmosphere is more attractive, and it also highlights the relaxed, comfortable and comfortable family feeling. It is a relatively good choice to choose beige tiles in the living room, because the light of the beige tiles is relatively mild, which can increase the warmth of the whole interior and improve the grade of the family. It is simple, beautiful, high-grade, and there is no sense of depression.

816GA-Diamond 800*800mm

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