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What does the skirt of the bathtub mean

What does the skirt of the bathtub mean


The skirt of the bathtub is the bracket baffle on the side of the bathtub. Normally speaking ,The bathtub is divided into cylinder body, bracket, skirt, drain and other parts. The bathtub has a single-sided skirt, a double-sided skirt, and whether there is a skirt. most of Non- skirt means that without skirt.      A single skirt has a skirt on one side. If you buy a single skirt, you must distinguish between left and right. It is easy to understand double skirt . The advantage of having a skirt is that it looks good, keeps warm, and save tile. But the disadvantage is that once the water is blocked, it is difficult to repair and cost is expensive. Without brackets and skirts, you have to build by yourself a pool with bricks, and it will cost you labor and materials.

Which is better, bathtub

Which is better, bathtub with skirt or without skirt? Most of the North American customer would like to choose skirt bathtub ,because it have many advantages and CBM have CUPC certificate to meet the requirements of the market.

cbm bathtub

1. The bathtub with skirt has better insulation effect and is easy to install. It can be divided into single skirt and double skirt. The single skirt is suitable for environments with walls on three sides.

2. The bathtub without skirt is easier to clean and the price is slightly cheaper.

3. The bathtub with skirt should not be fixed with glue.

4. Otherwise, cleaning, cleaning and maintenance are troublesome.

5. The bathtub with skirt is easy to install, and the skirt with skirt is more beautiful.

6. Generally, the treatment under the bathtub is relatively rough. And water pipes and the like will not be exposed. The bathtub with skirt is relatively simple to install. 

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