What effect does the proper mix of bathroom products have on the space?

In our bathroom environment, the proper collocation of some bathroom products can greatly affect the overall space utilization efficiency of the bathroom. For example, make reasonable use of the wall space, and place items such as shampoo on the floor that were originally placed on the floor through the wall-mounted shelf, etc., placed in a place within the reach of human hands. There is no need to bend over to take it, and the bathroom floor can be added. Utilized area. At the same time, you should also make full use of the storage space on the wash basin and the storage space in the bathroom fittingslocker, and try to store the space as much as possible. In addition, bathroom furniture with reasonable design and proper placement can also save space to a greater extent. In addition to saving space, we can also expand the space through a blinding method. For example, placing a bathroom mirror in the bathroom can make the entire bathroom fittingslook wider and less narrow. The selection and placement of bathroom mirrors are also the key to evaluating the quality of the bathroom. A good bathroom cbm mirror can give your bathroom fittingsa good point. Here, CBM recommends you to try the new LED smart bathroom cbm mirror on the market to satisfy your imagination of scientific and technological life.
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