What happened to the building materials industry?


The previous article titled 'China's ceramic building industry is facing a global collapse, suppliers, banks, and small goods companies are being dragged down

Such a rapid spread is too much damage to the impression of the ceramic tile and building materials industry in the outside world. Obviously, these articles are unfounded and unrealistic hearsay, and have not undergone certain research. .

The industry's production capacity is 10 billion square meters, and the market demand has shrunk to 9 billion square meters. Overcapacity and supply-demand imbalance; National targeted environmental protection regulations (tile thickness standards, tile production emission standards) and vigorous environmental protection Remediation actions are eyeing; many building materials companies in major regions are struggling; countries where ceramic tile exports are recurrent, and foreign markets are shrinking; banks have also sensed the various recessions in major industries, and they are ruthlessly giving many loans to start businesses, Major companies that borrow money to make a living are 'weaned'......

Yes, the situation in the building materials industry is not optimistic. 'Building materials companies will close one-third, or even one-half.' The era of industry reshuffle is coming. In the near future, some of them will be affected by business problems and financial problems. Ceramic companies that have closed down will 'emerge' in the industry.

Under such severe circumstances, we call on people in all major industries: refuse to spread rumors, underestimate the industry situation, look at the industry with a panic attitude, and face up to the rights protection, corporate closures, and mergers of major industries in the era of industry reshuffle The phenomenon. For example, the above-mentioned message that 'China's ceramic industry will collapse' should be ignored from the perspective of the industry; we should not be overly optimistic, overly slow, or panic about the severity of the situation in major industries. The ceramic industry will eventually return to rational development. Trajectory. For the objective occurrence of industrial phenomena such as workers' rights protection, corporate closures, and corporate mergers, we must face up to them and accept them frankly. This is a phenomenon that will inevitably occur in the optimization of the industrial structure under the spontaneous behavior of the building materials industry.

Nowadays, the building materials industry 'heavy' is taking place!

History has not been able to prevent the inevitable trend of the Great Qin Empire from 'combining' China with the Northern and Southern Dynasties, and the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms 'dividing' China. History cannot prevent the Chinese building materials industry from gradually 'dividing' from Foshan to other provinces, forming a Foshan is in the middle, Zibo, Gaoan, Jiajiang, Jinjiang, Faku and other building materials production areas 'separate' the situation of China's ceramic industry; history cannot change the current building materials industry overcapacity, real estate recession, and low price competition in the vicious circle The outbreak of spontaneous market regulation and the country’s strict environmental protection policies, production thresholds, and adjustments to the building materials industry have brought backward production capacity in the building materials industry to withdraw from the industry stage. Large ceramic companies merge and integrate small and medium ceramic companies, large ceramic companies, and medium-sized ceramic companies. Ceramic companies are 'combined with each other

Since ancient times, the world has always been 'together for a long time, and for a long time to be dividedWhen the cake was big, it was the time when the ceramics industry 'opened up'. A production area in Foshan could not meet the demand for ceramic tiles in the entire market brought about by the real estate boom under the reform and opening up. The world of ceramics must be based on large, medium and small local tyrants, urban civilians, The different consumption needs of rural civilians, as well as the attractiveness of the consumption area and the radiation of the production area, are divided into many different levels of production areas, many different levels of ceramic companies, and many different levels of brands. 'Divided' for a long time, inter-production melee, inter-company melee, inter-brand melee, low prices, small profits, product homogeneity, unbalanced production and sales, and other industry issues have forced the industry to fail to develop soundly, and objective laws must stand up and help. China's ceramic industry in the melee, elimination of backward production capacity, rationalized product price system, upgrading of the industrial level of production areas, and upgrading of production technology, the bottom-up optimization of the ceramic industry's industrial structure is the general trend and popular will.

The revolution will always bleed, and the ceramic industry will always shed blood and losers in the major optimization and integration of the ceramic industry. These 'people' include ceramic companies, as well as part of the ceramic industry who will be owed wages and unemployed in the future. By. China's ceramics industry must continue to play so that more people can make money. Whether the company or the media, it is necessary to notarize the company's failures, wage arrears, workers' rights protection and other incidents.

Now basically all walks of life are very difficult, and they are all going out of business. This is a matter of the country and society, and it is not only the ceramic industry that is bloody. We need to accept positively the industry phenomena such as the closure of ceramic companies, wage arrears, and blocking roads by pulling banners, and look at industry shuffling positively.

In the Internet age, we have to polish our fire-eyed Venus. Although it is difficult to distinguish which is true science and which is pseudo-science in the era of information explosion, we know whether we agree with or disagree with our opinions, and we must be able to Make your own choice. It’s just that, like this, from the title, you can use an unmade magnifying glass to magnify the facts.

Therefore, we must once again call on people in all major industries: refuse to spread rumors, belittle the industry situation, and look at the industry with a panic attitude; face up to the phenomenon of ceramic people's rights protection, corporate closures, and mergers in the era of industry reshuffle.

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