What harm does the radiation of the floor tiles do to the human body?


General household floor tiles are made of porcelain, which will not produce radiation to the human body, and natural marble will produce radiation. Reference material: What kind of harm will the human body be caused by using high-radioactive building materials in the home?
Indoor environmental expert research shows that there are two main aspects of radioactive hazards in natural stone, namely internal radiation and external radiation. Radiation in the body mainly comes from the decay of radioactive radiation in the air, which is a kind of radioactive substance radon and its daughters. Entering the human respiratory system causes radiation damage and induces lung cancer. In addition, radon also has a high affinity for human body fat, thereby affecting the human nervous system, making people sluggish and drowsy. External radiation mainly refers to a biological effect produced by the radiation body in natural stone directly irradiating the human body, which will cause damage to the blood-forming organs, nervous system, reproductive system and digestive system in the human body.
In order to protect the people’s physical and mental health, the country divides natural stone products into A, Class B and C.
Class A products can be used in any occasion, including office buildings and family rooms;
Class B products have higher radioactivity than Class A, and cannot be used for interior interior surfaces of rooms, but can be used for interior and exterior decoration of all other buildings Face;
Class C products have higher radioactivity than Class A and B, and can only be used for exterior decoration of buildings surface.
Natural stones that exceed the standard control value of Class C can only be used for other purposes such as seawalls, bridge piers and steles.

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