What is a cultural stone?


Culture stone is divided into natural culture stone and artificial culture stone. The material is hard, bright in color, and rich in texture. Whether it is natural or artificial, its shape and texture are superior, keeping nature The rough stone looks, and it is durable, dirt-resistant, and easy to clean, so it is loved by everyone.

First, the hardness is large

The cultured stone has high hardness, very hard texture, very good wear resistance and pressure resistance characteristics, and also It is not easy to be scratched, so it is used as the bottom, which is both beautiful and practical!

Second, water resistance and moisture resistance

Culture stone itself has better waterproof and moisture resistance. Compared with other materials, culture stone is water and moisture resistant, so don’t worry too much about mold and moisture. problem.

3. Natural and beautiful

Culture stone surface pattern Rich and unique, it is made of pure natural raw materials and has a strong sense of texture. It is not only beautiful, but also gives the building a natural simplicity and charm when decorating villas or outdoors, and enhances the decoration level. Moreover, the patterns and colors of the cultural stone are various, which can be used according to your favorite style, and it also gives you more choices.

Four. Low water absorption rate

The water absorption rate of cultural stone is relatively low, and it has good waterproof and moisture-proof characteristics, and it is itself dirt-resistant. If it is dirty, use a rag Just wipe it, easy to clean and take care of, beautiful and practical. Moreover, due to the low water absorption rate, the dirt on the surface of the cultured stone will not enter the interior, which makes the cultured stone difficult to be colored and dyed, and maintains fresh color and gloss for a long time.

Culture stone is generally used in the following three aspects:

Exterior wall decoration: villas, row houses, apartments

Facilities: golf courses, artistic architectural walls, resorts, playgrounds, parks, gardens, country clubs, etc.

Indoor decoration: fireplace sets, TV background walls, walkway walls, etc.

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