What is a smart mirror?

Smart cbm mirror is also a kind of mirror, but it has some more intelligent functions. Compared with the ordinary makeup mirror before, the biggest difference of the smart mirror is that its size is relatively large, ranging from 0.6 meters wide to 1.5 meters wide, and then in terms of its function, this type of smart mirror There can be many different functions. The more famous ones are the function of playing music, the function of displaying the time and date, the function of electric heating and defogging and so on. This function is generally added to the mirror for the convenience of daily use. In addition to being used in the bathroom, the smart cbm mirror can also be used as a makeup mirror in the room. This cool smart mirror is also a good decoration. At present, this kind of smart mirror appears in many foreign countries, and it is also a popular kind of smart home in the United States and European countries. In addition to foreign countries, some star hotels and large stores also like to use this kind of smart cbm mirror. If you are careful, you should be able to see it around our lives. If you are interested in this kind of mirror,
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