What is anion tile


From heat-generating tiles to today's negative ion tiles, the trend of environmental protection is becoming more and more obvious. At present, many ceramic companies are sparing no effort to develop their own negative ion ceramic tile products.

1. What is anion ceramic tile?

Anion ceramic tile is a kind of functional ceramic tile that can produce negative ions. Its surface decoration effect is not the same as that of ordinary ceramic tiles. The difference is that the product itself can generate negative ions that are beneficial to human health. With the continuous improvement of the production technology of negative ion tiles, the current negative ion tiles can be implemented on various types of tiles.

Second, the function of negative ion tiles:

1. When the negative ion tiles come into contact with water molecules in the air, the water can be electrolyzed to generate negative ions and hydrogen. With the continuous occurrence of this ionization reaction, the negative ions are continuously released. Through continuous accumulation, the concentration of negative ions in the room will reach a relatively stable level.

2, the negative ion tiles pass through themselves Excess negative charges are exchanged with the ups and downs, changing their physical properties, causing the ups and downs to adhere to each other with different charges, and sink to the ground to be melted.

3. Indoor pollution sources: furniture, boards, paint, viscose, etc., will continuously release free formaldehyde, ammonia, benzene and other harmful gases. The negative ions continuously released by the negative ion ceramic tile are continuously degraded through electrolysis. One week after using negative ion tiles, the degradation rate of harmful gases such as formaldehyde is over 80%, and the indoor air can be kept fresh for a long time.

4. Anion tiles can continuously release negative ions and positively charged harmful gases in the room to neutralize electrolysis, effectively and quickly eliminate odors in the air. Its elimination principle is essentially different from the short-term covering effect and side effects of air fresheners on the market, and there is no secondary pollution.

5. Negative ions are called 'vitamins' in the air. Medical research has proved that: air containing more negative ions can improve human immunity and promote physical and mental health, which is more beneficial to health.

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